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 I Help.
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Date: Monday
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Gurus and guras,
    O.K. problem-solvers?
    I'd check
    Plugged pipe ?

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From: "James Satterthwaite" <>
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Sent: thursday, OCT 04, 2007 10:23 AM
Subject: help!

> hi. Don,
> i am a fairly recent member of INOA, #10711, live in Eastlake, Ohio. My
> current Norton is a 1973/74 850 Commando with which am having a major
> problem, i am wondering if you or any other members can offer help. The
> problem is that the motor will run only on the right hand pot, i have a
> Boyer ignition fitted, carbs. are incorrect at 30mm but have been
> sleeved and completely o/hauled, new jets, needles etc., idle cicuit has
> been thoroughly cleaned, new 6 volt coils, i did have a twin lead
> hi-output coil on but on advice from Les Emery i switched back to dual
> coils,i get a good spark from both plugs. i fitted a single carb
> manifold to try to eliminate carburation as a problem, no change, the
> left side continues to back-fire and will not run, the motor run fine on
> the r/hand side, i have turned the Boyer pick=up plate thru. 180 deg.
> again trying to eliminate error, no change, compression is equal at 155
> each side.
> i am at a loss as to what to do next. i bought the bike as a basket case
> and have yet to put any miles on it. Any help will be appreciated.
> Thanks, Jim.


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